Age: 18



Despite her defiant nature, orphan Sheila always looked up to her righteous uncle Convoy, who had been having a difficult time adopting her. To prove her worth, Sheila joined her uncle in battle, infuriating him even more. Only when the Coyote Wars ended did Convoy finally come around. Not only did he marry Houston, his former adversary, but he also embraced Sheila as his own daughter.

Sheila hit it off with Houston immediately. Convoy, however, ruled the household with an iron fist and soon Sheila felt one person too many. Neither did she enjoy working the pumps at her uncle's new service station. So, when she turned 18, Convoy packed her bags and put her on a bus to California to pursue higher education.

Sheila felt right at home at UC Berkeley. She quickly shed her leather garb for tank-top fashion and became heavily involved in multiple pacifist and environmental causes. However, her academic bliss came to a screeching halt when a few months later, she received an alarming call from John Torque-apparently, the Coyotes have resurfaced, led by a mysterious new leader, and both his uncle and Houston were missing!

Without hesitation, Sheila filled up the tank of her new Baja and headed for New Mexico?


When Selected

Girls Rule!

You're so crazy



Firing Special


Wonderwagon (a.k.a. Wunderwagon)

Wonderwagon (a.k.a. Wunderwagon)
  • Speed -- 176 / 400
  • Armour-- 86 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 310 / 400
  • Average -- 307 / 400

Although, as with her original vehicle, the Wunderwagon is poorly armoured, it's still great fun to drive, and because it's small, can nip in and out of battles with ease. Great avoidance and the fact that it can turn on a dime, put this ahead of other poorly armoured vehicles.


Tantrum Gun

Tantrum Gun
Tantrum Gun
Tantrum Gun
Tantrum Gun

Another return of a favourite, the tantrum gun fires out bullets at an astonishing rate at the targeted vehicle. As well as doing damage, the Tantrum gun will eventually start to knock weapons and powerups off your opponent, and so doubles as a great psychological weapon! Combining it with other fast firing weapons (like the Bulls-Eye Rocket Stampede) can cause really heavy damage, and circling your opponent while firing ensures you don't get hit yourself!