Nina Loco

Age: 34

Nina Loco


Even as a child, Nina could always hold her own among the boys-no one messed with the 'Loco' girl. As a teenager, she became the best border guide in the south-she could smuggle one or thirty people across the line, either way, every time, as long as she got paid. Often, however, she would just take poor country folk to the Promised Land for free. Nina hated herself for doing that, so she switched to moving guns-it was easier, more profitable and less personal.

The oil crisis proved to be a boon for her-the American boys wanted to play gang wars and were willing to buy plenty of Mosquitoes at a nice markup. Things began to look even better when Sid Burn, leader of the Coyote gang, offered Nina an exclusive deal. Too bad the other guys finished him off before she got paid, and the whole war was over. No matter, she simply confiscated Sid's stockpile of high-tech weaponry stolen from some Nevada lab; She knew the booty was worth a fortune.

Sure enough, a few months later, a stranger named Clyde approached her with an interesting deal-Clyde would buy the loot for one million 'dollares' if Nina agreed to work for him for one year. It appeared that Clyde wanted to revive the Coyotes and needed someone who could supply his new army with firepower and other services right up Nina's alley. Nina never worked for anyone, lest a Lord claiming to have arrived from the future, but the money-it could be enough to pack up and move down to the Gulf, like she always dreamed. Nina accepted...


When Selected

Half now, half later...

Opportunity's a-knockin'

OK - it's a deal...



Firing Special


El Guerrero

El Guerrero
  • Speed -- 260 / 400
  • Armour-- 206 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 136 / 400
  • Average -- 313 / 400

Nina's vehicle is quite similar to Dallas', although it's probably a bit lighter, and so allows you to pull off quicker manouevers. If you forgive the its size, this is a pretty good choice of vehicle.


Lemming Missiles

Lemming Missiles
Lemming Missiles
Lemming Missiles

It wasn't until a couple of months after I bought Second Offense that I actually found out what the Lemming missile does! Although it initially appears to act like a mortar-style weapon, the lemming has a hidden ability that will come into effect in certain situations. Basically, if the missile is en-route to its target and there are other homing weapons in the air at the time, then the other weapons will follow the lemming missile to its target, causing massive damage! This can be used in both an offensive and defensive way - Incoming missiles can be thrown off your scent by launching a lemming, and if there are a lot of weapons being fired, you can use the lemming to really punish a specific enemy!