John Torque

Age: 32

John Torque


Having acquired Sid Burn's payoff money, Torque bought himself a new set of tires and some new clothes, then gambled the rest of it away in less than a year. Good thing Sid wasn't coming back for the cash-Torque made sure of it, though he would never admit to anything.

When the money ran out, J.T. needed a new gig. Unfortunately, the Coyotes were no more and his pal Convoy became domesticated, which certainly wasn't Torque's idea of fun. So, he got himself a bounty hunter's license and set his sights on a bad girl named Nina Loco, a notorious weapon smuggler he was well familiar with from the old days. Now, Uncle Sam had put a serious reward on Nina's head, which may have had something to do with Nina acquiring most of the classified government weaponry originally stolen from Site-4.

While on Nina's trail, Torque decided to pay his former mentor a visit. He was horrified to find Convoy and Houston's place plundered and the two lovebirds missing. Without delay, J.T. unearthed a couple of old Mosquitoes from Convoy's backyard and set out on a search for his friends?


When Selected

The cards have been dealt!

Your luck's about to change!



Firing Special



  • Speed -- 344 / 400
  • Armour-- 182 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 104 / 400
  • Average -- 343 / 400

One of my personal favourites, the Thunderbolt not only looks smart, but has great stats to back it up. Speed is also a main concern, and Torques vehicle delivers, but with enough armour to fend off even the most aggressive of opponents. One of the best all-rounders, the Thunderbolt is also one of the most enjoyable cars to drive and in the proper hands is one of the best in the game!


Wheel 'O Fortune

Wheel 'O Fortune
Wheel 'O Fortune

The jury's still out on this one, as there are conflicting reports about what it does exactly! Essentially, it fires a rocket dead ahead, that knocks the enemy for six. However, whereas one source says the there is a chance that one of the shots may be a 'ucky bullet', (causing greater damage), another says that the the shots have different effects (such as knocking off weapons etc.) Any confirmations either way would be appreciated, till then its best just to blast away!