High Octane DLC Released!


High Octane DLC Pack Released

The Vigilante 8 Arcade 'High Octane' pack is now available, for a very reasonable 320 Microsoft Points. For your points, you get 3 new vehicles...

The big surpise, however, are the two brand new levels...

Project V8 will be updating with the new character and level info soon, but in the meantime, head over to the Marketplace to pick up this great addition to V8 Arcade.

INFO: The inital download of the High Octane pack was glitched, causing audio problems, a see-through floor on the Stunt Track level and no vehicle artwork on the character select screen. This was quickly rectified by the guys at Isopod Labs so any new downloads should work fine straight off the bat. If you've still got the original DLC, there are instructions here that explain how to resolve the issue...XBox Official Forum - INCORRECT DLC PACK POSTED -- PLEASE READ