Vigilante 8: Second Offense

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Vigilante 8 Series

Vigilante 8 Second Offense (Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast)


The official sequel to Vigilante 8 appeared a year after the original and expanded on it in a number of ways. Firstly, the character roster was expanded to 18 and a host of new features were introduced. In addition to a new weapon, the flamethrower, all artillery was given a third combo move and vehicles could be upgraded by collecting tokens retrieved following the destruction of opponents. These boosted vehicle ratings such as acceleration and armour - when all ratings reached their maximum, the vehicle was given a completely new skin. On top of this, there are a variety of propulsion units that allow vehicles to take to the air, sea and snow. As an added bonus, Playstation and Dreamcast owners had an opportunity to play the first game's levels with the new characters, weaponry and propulsion units.