Keiko Uzumi

Age: 19

Keiko Uzumi


Keiko underwent a rigorous education as a disciple of the Katana School - run by her father's Uzumi Manufacturing Company. She excelled in all subjects, only to be occasionally outdone by a classmate named Darius; Keiko and Darius were the best of friends. Keiko especially loved martial arts and Darius nicknamed her 'Obake' (Ghost), for she could move without a sound or trace.

Obake and Darius were first placed into Clyde's service when only eight years old. Supposedly, Uzumi gave the children to OMAR as a token of gratitude. A short letter from her father confirmed it - he asked her to respect and obey Lord Clyde as if he were her own father. Soon afterwards, OMAR acquired her father's company, and Obake never heard of her family again.

Though Obake always felt out of place in OMAR's world, she followed her father's wishes and soon became Clyde's favorite pupil. She and Darius continued training, though the focus of their studies changed to offensive combat, surveillance, interrogation, with a heavy dose of nonstop OMAR propaganda. By the time they reached adulthood, Obake and Darius were seasoned operatives, having never failed a mission.

This was to change in 2017, when the two were sent to America to steal time propulsion capsules from Stanford University. While they managed to fulfill the objective, the mission went awry due to Darius' error. As a result, the CIA were on OMAR's tail, and Clyde was outraged. Soon, Darius disappeared.

In the meantime, Clyde was preparing for an important sabotage mission and requested Obake's assistance. While her head was still reeling from the events, Obake accompanied her master without questioning?


When Selected

Fear the ghost in me!

The ghost is relentless!



Firing Special



  • Speed -- 400 / 400
  • Armour-- 62 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 228 / 400
  • Average -- 363 / 400

Obake is a real stand-out character as her vehicle completely outclasses other in the speed and manoeverability categories. She realy is miles faster than any other vehicle and in the right hands, this can be used to punishing effect. However, there is one huge downsied, and that is that her vehicle is like cardboard and can be reduced to nothing in a very short space of time. Because of this, hit-and-run tactics are really important, as is the need to stay away from any large vehicles.


Rift Blade

Rift Blade
Rift Blade
Rift Blade
Rift Blade

Although the Rift Blade does do damage to other vehicles, I've found that it can be put to better use as a defensive weapon. If your getting hammered into a corner, the blade will let you pass through any enemies, and hopefully escape. On the offensive front, it's important to line up enemies accurately, as although it's homing, it can't perform tght turns too well.