Dusty ′Earth′

Age: 62

Dusty ′Earth′


Dusty, chief of the Zuni tribe, had seen better days. It was 1975, gas was expensive and vandals were plundering the countryside. He had heard of the oil crisis, but hoped that it would have little bearing on his tribe; He was wrong.

After the gangsters destroyed a nearby ghost town, Dusty tried calling the police in Gallup. He knew there was trouble when he learned that the sheriff and his deputy were recalled to Albuquerque to help control rioters there. Dusty watched helplessly as the perpetrators burned down the trading post, but when they desecrated the Zuni burial grounds, he just couldn't stand by any longer.

Dusty never had much appreciation for guns, so he decided to call upon the ancestral spirits for help. After three nights of 'kachina' trances in his pueblo, a spirit Falcon appeared to him in a vision. The Falcon told him to rest and prepare, as these scuffles were nothing compared to what's to come-it warned him of an evil Coyote Demon who was soon to descend upon the land and ravage all that lay in its path. To battle the demon, the Falcon said, Dusty must leave the pueblo and go to the mountains to learn the shaman ways of his great ancestors?

When Dusty woke up the next morning, his soul was filled with sadness, but suddenly he noticed a falcon sitting on the roof of his car-there and then Dusty knew that when the demon arrives, he would be ready to take him on?


When Selected

I'll make right, what is wrong...

The warpath awaits me...



Firing Special


Wapiti 4WD

Wapiti 4WD
  • Speed -- 232 / 400
  • Armour-- 158 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 190 / 400
  • Average -- 318 / 400

As the name suggests, the Wapiti has 4WD and so is a choice vehicle for off-road. Not too heavy and not too light, the Wapiti is pretty good all round.


Tribal Magic

Tribal Magic
Tribal Magic
Tribal Magic

A very useful weapon, this one is also very annoying if you're on the recieving end. It sends Dustys hawk after the targeted opponent, which creates a whirlwind, propelling them into the air. Standard practice applies and you should let loose with as many weapons as possible before they're dropped to the ground. Almost impossible to escape, the only way you're likely to get out the tornado is if you're blasted out - but either way, you take damage. Finally, if you're playing as Dusty, watch out that you don't release your special on a nearby enemy, or you too will get caught up in the whirlwind!