Age: 17



After Sid Burn disappeared, Molo was lost-he could not believe that the mighty Sid would simply leave. He crisscrossed the deserts in search of the man, to no avail. When he finally came upon Sid's abandoned car in Nevada, he knew Sid was gone for good.

Disillusioned and just plain bored, Molo began burglarizing gas stations and small trailer parks, so it was only a matter of time before the cops picked him up. He was served a severe sentence for his involvement with the Coyotes, but due to his age, he was placed in a juvenile detention camp in Colorado.

Within a year, Molo became the undisputed top dog among the delinquents. The place was a heaven for someone of his persuasion, but the good times were coming to an end-he was scheduled to transfer to San Quentin Penitentiary on his upcoming 18th birthday; He became restless.

One day before Molo's transfer, an old man arrived at the camp in a white limousine and requested a visit with the kid. Molo knew his salvation had come when the stranger offered to get him out in return for his loyalty-he agreed immediately. Afterwards, the man simply walked into the superintendent's office and within minutes Molo was leaving the compound in his savior's limousine?


When Selected

Take a set - I'm drivin'

[fart] Take a whiff! He He He!

Ha ha ha! Molo's the man!



Firing Special


Blue Burro Bus

Blue Burro Bus
  • Speed -- 92 / 400
  • Armour-- 352 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 112 / 400
  • Average -- 228 / 400

One of the biggest (and hence slowest) vehicles in the game, Molos bus will be very familiar to any players that used him in the first game. Because of the bus' bulk and weight, it's an easy target, but, it still takes a lot of punishment before it bites the dust. Just as Molo himself is an obnoxious bully, that's what you have to be to take out your opponents! Basically, you need to pursue them constantly, pausing only to pick up weapons to create more havoc! One of the main things you also have to remember is that Molo must ram other opponents, as this is often more effective than any weapon. This can't be stressed, enough, so if you have a clear line to an enemy, line up the Bus, and pile in as fast as possible! It's also possible to set up opponents for this manouever by dropping bear hug mines that'll trap them long enough for you to hammer them!


Smog Check

Smog Check
Smog Check
Smog Check

Just as effective as the original, the Smog Check can reduce an opponents energy to zero in a matter of seconds! As ever, my favourite technique is to hold the reverse view button then drive backwards. When you get right next to an enemy, let rip and watch their energy meter plummet!