Agent R. Chase

Age: 38

Agent R. Chase


In 2017, Agent Chase-one of CIA's best detectives-had been following OMAR and its enigmatic leader, Lord Clyde, for years. He was intent on proving that Clyde doubled as the leader of the Coyote Cartel-the only remaining underworld organization, linked to dozens of terrorist attacks and other criminal activities-and that Clyde was using the mob to enforce OMAR's interests around the world.

Chase had just managed to collect enough evidence to incriminate Clyde when he was approached by CIA's ChronoPol division, requesting assistance in an investigation of missing time propulsion capsules from Stanford University. The ChronoPol was established in response to the first successful time travel experiment conducted in 2016, and had been monitoring illegal time-space intrusions since. The agency suspected OMAR's involvement in the robbery.

Two days later, on September 3, ChronoPol's intelligence detected a temporal time disruption originating at OMAR's headquarters. Further research determined that three OMAR vehicles, led by Clyde himself, reversed through time-space by an estimated 40 years. Their arrival coordinates were placed near Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Agent Chase immediately volunteered to travel to the '70s, to apprehend Clyde and bring him back. (Subconsciously, he was also hopeful to look up Chassey Blue-the favorite actress of his teenage years.) Given Chase's thorough knowledge of the case, the agency approved his mission without delay?


When Selected

Chase is the name...Agent Chase

I fancy these olden days...



Firing Special


Chrono Stinger

Chrono Stinger
  • Speed -- 330 / 400
  • Armour-- 98 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 224 / 400
  • Average -- 342 / 400

Another good choice of vehicle, mainly due to high speed and acceleration attributes. However, it isn't too heavily armoured, and is less effective when travelling over uneven ground. Quite a light vehicle, explosions and rough ground make it leave the ground more often than heavier vehicles.


Hard Time

Hard Time
Hard Time
Hard Time

Not only does this weapon produce a cool effect (a la 'The Matrix'), but it provides a simple way for you to lay into your opponent once they've been hit by it. It launches a blue ball directly forward, which, on hitting either another vehicle, or scenery, freezes any cars caught in its blast radius. This even extends to cars currently mid-jump, as they will be frozen in mid-air. Once frozen, you can really let them have it, as they remain fixed to the spot, no matter how much weaponry you unload into them. Prime examples to use in this situation are the buckshot and stampede, or even the crater maker if you have time. Once they unfreeze, the full effects of the weapons take hold, and if done properly, can total lesser vehicles. If you have a particularly evil streak, you might want to try repeatedly applying cow-punchers or road runners. At the point of unfreezing the unfortunate victim will be airborne for a considerate amount of time!