Age: 54



After nearly two years of vigilantism, Convoy was ready to call it quits. With Sid Burn and Beezwax out of the picture, Boogie and Molo locked up, and Loki institutionalized, Convoy saw no reason not to. The true incentive, though, was his blooming romance with Houston.

With his support, Houston turned herself in to the authorities, only to be released due to her involuntary and unknowing participation in the events. They settled in New Mexico and bought a small trucking operation on Route 285, just outside of Roswell. Soon thereafter they married. The press ate it up and the news of the famous vigilante marrying his former archenemy quickly made headlines countrywide.

Convoy was aware of Houston's nightmares and her desire to remember who she truly was; He did his best to help. Houston liked to travel, as new environments occasionally evoked fragments of her missing memories, so Convoy took her along on his hauls whenever possible. Little did he know that one of their trips would change their destiny forever?

On the evening of September 3, 1977, the two were returning from Santa Fe. Houston was sound asleep most of the way, but not far from home she began talking in her sleep. As Convoy tried to shake her from her nightmare, she woke up screaming, then froze-with her eyes wide open, she was staring far into the distance. Convoy followed her gaze-ahead, three unusual vehicles, appearing to float above the road, were approaching from the opposite direction. Convoy had never seen anything like it, but he knew immediately that these 'travelers' were up to no good. Before he could react, however, the vehicles opened fire?


When Selected

Breaker-breaker 1-9

Circle the wagons, here I come!

Keep on truckin', partner!



Firing Special


Livingston Truck

Livingston Truck
  • Speed -- 148 / 400
  • Armour-- 400 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 62 / 400
  • Average -- 220 / 400

When you first load up the game with Convoy, you'll be in for a big surprise - there's a hulking great trailer behind the main cab! If this puts you off, don't worry, as a few blast later, it detaches and explodes! Personally, I think the trailer's quite cool, especially when it swings round and smashes opponents, but cahnces are it won't last long, so it never really becomes a problem. Stats-wise, Convoy is heavy, and, in the words of the Incredible Hulk - 'It's Clobberin' Time!' Ramming vehicles is a key strategy for Convoy, even more so when you see the kind of damage that can be done by firing weapons whilst ramming opponents.


Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder

Simple, but very effective. That, in essence, is the Rolling Thunder. It blasts two shockwaves from the cabs horns that both damage vehicles in front and throw them violently forward! This can be used to send opponents flying over cliffs and into the water, and is even more powerful when followed up by weapons like the crater-maker or missile swarm.