Flying All-Star Trio

Age: 15

Flying All-Star Trio


In 1973, when Tomey, Romey and Leilah were only 11 years old, their older sister Tanyah disappeared from a Houston gym without a trace.

Tanyah was a promising athlete and the family was devastated. Suspecting foul play, the parents decided to send the younger triplets to live with their grandfather in Jersey.

Grandpa Joe was a big motorcycle fan and owned an old racing ring just south of Trenton. The kids soon showed a keen aptitude for his hobby and 'Team F.A.S.T' was born, With grandpa as their manager. They began touring at the age of 14 and their incredible stunt shows soon captivated audiences nationwide.

One early morning in September of 1977, during a breakfast at Donny's, Tomey picked up grandpa's newspaper. The headline read 'Famous Vigilante To Wed Former Foe' and the article talked of a girl named Houston, who claimed to have been kidnapped and then forced to work for the Coyote terrorist group. Apparently, the girl suffered from amnesia and was unable to recall any details of the kidnapping or her past. After one quick glance at the photograph, Tomey went pale-Houston was their missing sister Tanyah!

The trio immediately put their tour on hold, kissed grandpa goodbye, and headed for New Mexico. They had no idea that the reunion would be a long way coming...


When Selected

Stand back, comin' at ya!

Go Team Fast!



Firing Special



Dakota Stunt Cycle

Dakota Stunt Cycle
  • Speed -- 204 / 400
  • Armour-- 50 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 348 / 400
  • Average -- 313 / 400

o go out of control rather easily. The weak armour also makes it subsceptible to damage, but this is counter-balance by the fact that it's pretty difficult to get a hit on in the first place. Finally, one of the main drawbacks I've found is that it's a nightmare on water, and regularly flips over backwards when your trying to accelerate. Because of this, it's perhaps wise to avoid choosing the Stunt Cycle when you're going into arenas with a great deal of water.


Soaring Glory (a.k.a. Blazin' Glory)

Soaring Glory (a.k.a. Blazin' Glory)
Soaring Glory (a.k.a. Blazin' Glory)
Soaring Glory (a.k.a. Blazin' Glory)
Soaring Glory (a.k.a. Blazin' Glory)
Soaring Glory (a.k.a. Blazin' Glory)

This is fairly easy to describe - it fires missiles skyward that descend on the targeted enemy, causing damage and stripping powerups. In other words, a souped up mortar.