Age: 0.5



In 2017 Dallas 13 was the latest and most advanced 'BioBot' in OMAR's long line of cybernetic henchmen. The corporation had been working on the 'BioBot' program since the early '70s, hoping to invent the perfect company servant-strong, intelligent, unconditionally loyal and emotionless. These programmed soldiers were commonly used by OMAR as sentries, bodyguards, bill collectors, but also, as secret operatives and assassins.

Since sophisticated Artificial Intelligence was a long way off, OMAR resorted to utilizing a living human body as the basis for each biobot. In the early days, the subjects were simply equipped with mind-control electronics, but later the scientists began replacing key body organs with artificial enhancements. OMAR's track record in mastering the human mind was spotty at best. The first two biobots went haywire and needed to be terminated. The next attempt, Houston 3-based on the first 'imported' subject and field-tested during the infamous U.S. operation in 1974-performed to specifications for nearly two years before going off-line. Much progress had been made since then, but OMAR has yet to produce the perfect model.

Enter Dallas 13, created specifically for Lord Clyde's new project-'Mission: Second Offense'. His entire body was constructed from space-age alloys and the latest in nano-technology, fitted with a brain from a classified subject of superior IQ, and two next-generation processors to keep it in check. The biobot's program consisted of the following primary directives:

>Terminate Convoy and other remaining Vigilantes? >Destroy key U.S. industrial installations? >Follow Lord Clyde's orders?


When Selected

Trigger-finger calibrated!

Dallas 13 online...

Ready to ride...



Firing Special


Palamino XIII

Palamino XIII
  • Speed -- 316 / 400
  • Armour-- 232 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 72 / 400
  • Average -- 327 / 400

Dallas offers both speed and decent armour, but don't be fooled by the fact that he's already hovering - you still need to get the powerup to get any serious kind of air. The Palamino is quite a good all-rounder, but a little sluggish.




A fairly simple weapon, the Mega-Collider fires an intense beam directly in front of the vehicle. Any vehicles, or scenery, hit by the beam take severe damage. It's therefore quite important to line up carefully, but there's more than one car in front of you, a slight side-to-side movement can enable you to toast both enemies.