Age: 28



Disco aficionado and the late Sid Burn's prime henchman, Boogie had been sentenced to serve 10 years at San Quentin Penitentiary for burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and DUI. Despite agent Blue's testimony, the court did not find sufficient evidence of Boogie's involvement with the Coyotes.

After one year in the can, Boogie had had enough-not only didn't the prison meet his sanitary standards, the ambient elevator music piped constantly through the speakers was truly unbearable. Thank God for a visit from Nina Loco, Sid's former flame, arms supplier and an all-around bad Mama. Boogie knew Nina was always charmed by his genteel ways, so it wasn't surprising that she volunteered to help. Orchestrating Boogie's jailbreak was second nature for Nina, especially after befriending the prison's warden at a local saloon. Adding insult to injury, Boogie stole the warden's Marathon on his way out.

En route to New Mexico, Nina told Boogie of old Clyde's paranormal arrival from the future and his efforts to revive the Coyotes. At first, Boogie was miffed at Nina when he learned that Clyde paid her to get him out. Nevertheless, he was thrilled to be free and was anxious to show off for the new Boss?


When Selected

The Boogie Man don't skip a beat!

Whoa! You a tough guy!?



Hey, go easy on the eight -track!

Firing Special

Oooh Oooh!



  • Speed -- 120 / 400
  • Armour-- 74 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 400 / 400
  • Average -- 271 / 400

Another character making a return, Boogie is essentially unchanged - and therin lies the problem. The Marahon underperforms in pretty much every category, so unless you're a die-hard Boogie fan, there's not much benefit in choosing him.


Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno
Disco Inferno
Disco Inferno

Fortunately, Boogies weapon is unchanged, and is just as effective as the original. It juggles the targeted enemy in the air, which you should the take as an invitation to fire further weapons (like the missile swarm) at them, thus causing maximum damage!