Age: 29 (estimated)



After freeing herself of OMAR's mind-control device, which ruled her life for over two years, Houston slowly began to find herself. Meeting Convoy marked a new beginning, yet her dark past continued to haunt her-she experienced frequent nightmares and strange visions and her inability to remember anything of her past often spoiled her mood.

Yet, despite her dark moments, Houston was happy. Convoy proved to be a wonderful husband and their business was growing. She often accompanied him on his trucking trips. It was during one such trip, on September 3, 1977, while asleep in the cab of the moving truck, that she experienced her most disturbing nightmare yet:

Her whole body appeared to be made of metal, feeling ice cold, rigid... She was standing on a massive platform high above a city, in the company of two people, both of them eerily familiar. One of the two, a frightening old man, inserted something into her arm, sending her brain into overdrive. She knew this feeling-bombarded by impulses, forced to follow orders, helpless... She got into a strange car. The others boarded their own vehicles. All three cars lifted off the platform, accelerating, flying into the clouds, into a light? When the clouds cleared, way below she saw a desert highway? a lone truck? Convoy's truck. Her brain, as if locked in a loop, was screaming? 'DESTROY!'

Houston screamed and opened her eyes. She was inside the truck, with Convoy right next to her?


When Selected

I ain't no half human... I'm all woman!

Oil and lube, comin' up!



Firing Special

I got the hook-up!


Samson Tow Truck

Samson Tow Truck
  • Speed -- 204 / 400
  • Armour-- 256 / 400
  • Avoidance -- 110 / 400
  • Average -- 293 / 400

Possibly my number one choice, the Tow Truck is a great all-rounder, although in comparison to Houstons' original Palomino, armour has been boosted at the cost of speed. This means that you can apply a wide variety of hit-and-run tactics, as well as ramming tactics. Finally, the Tow ruck is at home, both on and off road, and has no trouble navigating rough terrain, making it a formidable opponent!


Tow Hook

Tow Hook
Tow Hook
Tow Hook
Tow Hook

As you're dismantling an opponent with the tow hook , you almost feel guilty, such is the power of this special weapon. To use it, you need to get up close to your targeted vehicle. On firing, a tow hook fires out, and it's time to hit the gas. Your snared victim is then dragged behind the Truck, being bumped all over the place and losing energy. As you come to the end of the specials life, it fires the enemy forwrd, high into the sky with trmendous force - at this point it's worth firing a misile swarm to get a couple of cheeky extra hits in! This is probably the most effective way to cause maximum damage, but for added, evilnes, try pointing towards an area of water, and launch your opponent into the drink! Finally, when dragging an opponent, it's possible to get even faster speed by using the Interceptor Afterburner, as this really stretches the cable, and your opponent hits off the ground with even greater force!