Stunt Track

Stunt Track


What kind of self respecting Stunt Track would be complete without a flaming hoop or two? Launch through the hoops to ignite them, raise a cheer from the audience and if you're lucky, collect a special! The more cavalier among you may like to attempt a 360 (by holding left/right) or barrel roll (by clipping the ramp on two tires only)! Hoops are one of the indestructible elements in this arena, so use them as often as necessary.

Commentary Box

Raised high above the track on flimsy supports, so drive through or shoot them to reveal a wrench powerup.

Oil Drums

These barrels are scattered liberally throughout the level. Guide a couple of rockets towards them when an opponent's nearby, or use a little finesse and ignite them one at a time with the machine gun.


Although they serve no offensive purpose, you can still set off fireworks by shooting or nudging them, sometimes handy if you're trying to escape an opponent.

Table Tops

A staple of motorcross (or even BMX) tracks, these provide a good vantage point to check out what everyone else is up to on the level. AS an added incentive, you can usually find a wrench when you reach the top too.


Providing little more than track debris once destroyed, this can nevertheless add an unweclome object for some of the lighter vehicles, possibly even flipping them over if they get really unlucky.


The are two giant caged balls in the arena, which you can dismount with three or four rockets. If you can force them into someone's path, you can inflict some minor damage.

Lower Track

There's a corridor running beneath the main area that holds various powerups, but is filled with oil drums. Try to trap opponents here, as a bottleneck, it's pretty tough to get out...

'Snake' Ridges

Purely for fun, try to get across these as smoothly as possible (not a good place to be if you're under attack!)


As with the Garage level, there nods to Activision's heritage. Drive round the outside of the track to spot advertisements for the original Pitfall and Kaboom!