Ski Resort

Ski Resort

The Lodge

This is the biggest building in the level - the three entrances can be used to teleport straight to 'Ski Patrol' hut at the top of the hill (and of course, vice versa.) By the picnic tables, you can access a ramp that launches you up to collect a green crate hovering above the canopy, but be careful around the car park as the lights there can cause damage. Finally, the ice rink is at the front of the lodge - there's a wrench here, but your vehicle will struggle to grip the icy surface, so don't hang around too long...


Another original feature - players of the original V8 will know that in order to set off the avalanche, you need to take out a tree or two first. Don't waste time with the large trees - only the smaller ones can set off the avalanche. Once activated, a sheet of icy white death will cascade down the hill, anyone cught in it will be damaged and dragged towards the foot.

Ski Jump

You can get huge air with the ski jump, just make sure to fire an afterburner as you approach the launch point! If you're feeling particulalry nasty, drop a cactus patch on the way down as a present for the next competitor! The top of the Ski Jump is also a good place to camp, or take a breather - the structure itself can be destroyed, but only after a massive barrage of fire.

Ski Lift

Latch onto one of the ski lifts and you'll be dragged to the top (or bottom) of the level. Only really useful if you don't have an afterburner - and if you find yourself unwittingly caught, just hold down the brake button to disengage from the lift...

The Slalom

No prizes for completing the slalom this time, sorry.

Snow Blowers

Driving up to the Snow Blowers will launche you into the air towards the foot of the level - use them to escape attackers or avoid incoming mortar fire...