Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater

Main Meteor Crater

Players of Second Offense should know to expect a surprise when they crack open the giant meteor in the centre of the arena! It takes a few hits to break apart - just make sure that you're far enough away when it blows as the resulting blast can dish out some not inconsiderate damage. Inside, you'll see a strange green glow - navigate through the debris from the meteor shell and you'll be taken into the cosmos where you'll be furnished with a special weapon before being dropped just outside the crater.

Use this to replenish your special wepaon when needed. On top of that, you should notice a green crate hovering above the glow - if you can build up enough speed (using the Afterburner combo), you can use the edge of the crater to launch into the air and nab it!

Teleport Tunnels

These are based at opposite ends of the level and teleport back and forth. Use them when you want to cover a lot of ground quickly, or escape a pursuing foe.

The Canyon

The canyon can be a dangerous place to find yourself, especially for the more lightly armoured vehicles. Their best option is to try and get out of there quickly, using one of the side ramps. On the other hand, you may find yourself above the canyon with several enemies trapped below. If so, try and use a combo/special that deals multiple damage - such as the Fire Starter.

You may always want to drop Cactus Patch mines, since the canyon's narrow width makes them hard to avoid...


Avoid the Tornado at all costs - it may be fun being thrown a hundred feet up in the air, but it also takes off a chunk of health. Skilled players may be able to knock enemies into the tornado, or leave hover mines in their path to trap other players.

Meteor Shower

The smaller meteor showers are triggered by destroying very specific pieces of scenery - namely, the signs marked "DANGER - RADIOACTIVE AREA - OFF LIMITS". Once removed, you'll notice a series of small meteors raining down on the area - a few seconds later there will be a large explosion, damaging any cars caught nearby.

Use this to your advantage, especially if there are vehicles jostling around that area. And of course, if you se the small meteor trails, get out of there pronto!

The Gas Station

The Gas Sttion serves two purposes. First, you can use the gas pumps to trigger medium-sized explosions to damage opponents. Second, taking out the station completely creates a ramp that allows access to the wrench hovering in the air behind the station.