John Torque

Age: n/a

John Torque


Jefferson 1974

John Torque

Torque is a great choice of character - a good balance of speed/armour who can take a surprising amount of punishment but also run rings round opponents. His low profile also makes hime a good choice for avoiding incoming attacks such as missiles.


Bass Quake

Another fan favourite, the Bass Quake makes a welcome return. This is one of the best weapons in the game - not only does it damage vehicles, but often flips them in the process, letting you inflict further damage, preferably thanks to a Whammy or two. The trade off is that you need to be near the target in question, preferably two or three car lengths away. But.. that said, this is one of the few specials in the game that can attack more than one enemy at the same time. So try driving into a group of enemies, then hit fire to cause multiple damage!

Finally, the Bass Quake can also be used to explode scenery - so be careful near objects such as the drums in the Oil Fields level. Of course, this can also benefit when it comes to hunting Alien Artefacts...