Alien Contact

Points Awarded: 20
Alien Contact

Collect all 100 Alien Artifacts in single player to unlock a secret craft.


This is a fun achievement - just try to collect all the Alien Artefacts hidden in level scenery. There are 100 artefacts in total, spread across the five levels (so 20 per level.) You need to shoot apart as much scenery as possible to reveal them, this can be done during Quest mode but is much easier (and more fun) to put on Free Wheelin' and take your time exploring the levels.

Need a better incentive than achievement points? As well as 20Gs, collecting all the artefacts also nets you Y the Alien as a bonus character!

Finding artefacts is pretty straightforward to begin with, but you'll soon find them drying up as you close in on the last few. Here are some of the trickier locations


Hoover Dam

Meteor Crater

Ski Resort

Oil Fields