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The troublemaker returns with the most heavy duty and largest vehicle in the game! To make the most of the bus, you've got to get up close and personal with you're oppponents. Ramming is a key tactic for Molo and the faster you're travellig when you hit, the better. On the downside, it's difficult to avoid incoming fire, due to the sheer size of the bus, so stick close to your enemies as much as possible, at tleast they'll take damage too. And with that high armour rating, Molo doesn't need to worry too much about soaking up incoming fire...


Smog Check

The Smog Check is just as powerful as ever - hold down the special button and a plume of thick black smoke is released from the exhaust - anyone caught in it loses energy real quick! For an offensive attack, a good method is to use the revese camera (up on the second stick by default) then point the bus tail towards the enemy and fire. Not only does this stall them, but it starts tearing off chunks of health. If you can box any enemy in, you can ofetn fininsh them off in one go!